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If you’re looking for a solution to store, order-pick and distribute your goods, Pinckers is just who you need. Your warehousing is safe in our hands, and we also offer a wide range of value-added services, from cross-docking, labelling and order picking to packaging and storage. We store your goods with warehousing.

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You can reserve a number of pallets in our warehouse to store your goods. When the time comes for these goods to be distributed, we’ll pick the right quantity from your stock.

Your parcels will be packaged, labelled for shipment and delivered to the right place the very next day. Easy as that!


If you’ve got a large volume of goods to transport to different destinations, our cross-docking service is just what you need. We unload your goods at our loading bays and reload them in shipments to the right destinations. In other words, we’re the essential link to ensure your goods arrive right on time, right where they need to be.

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We distribute your goods across Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Your orders are guaranteed to be delivered hassle-free and within 24 hours...


Aside from distribution, Pinckers offers a wide range of trucking activities. We can arrange transport to the Benelux, northern France and the Ruhr area in Germany...

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About Pinckers

Over the past 25 years, Pinckers Transport has grown into one of the biggest names in logistics in the Benelux.

We deliver your orders across Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg within 24 hours, always with the greatest care for your goods. you can depend on our expertise for all your logistical needs.

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